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Latest Blog Articles

5 Essential Soft Skills for 2021

Of particular importance in today’s workforce are “soft skills”. These are difficult to learn and practice, but of premium importance to hiring managers because they make someone successful and effective in the workplace. Upskilling is especially important for Singaporeans, who must stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive in today’s economy. Last year’s UOB … Continue reading “5 Essential Soft Skills for 2021”

Sector Spotlight: Healthcare

The top five sectors hiring have been indicated to be information and communications, healthcare, professional services, finance and insurance, and manufacturing. Amongst these, healthcare is particularly robust, with both short- and long-term positions available. These range from “traditional” roles like doctors and nurses to allied health professionals, medical technicians and more. Some figures include: $44b … Continue reading “Sector Spotlight: Healthcare”

The Benefits of Career Coaching

When we’re stuck wondering what to do next, we tend to ask friends and family, or go to a forum or webinar. In such cases, we’re overlooking an important avenue of advice – one-on-one discussions with professional career or educational coaches. Career coaches are trained to provide advice that’s tailored to your career track and … Continue reading “The Benefits of Career Coaching”

Events & Webinars

We have lots going on from webinars with recruitment tips, to product demos and events we are sponsoring. Check the calendar to see what’s on this month.